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Simply feel the difference. The experienced and highly motivated Taxicologne-Team is happy to let you experience a well convenient transfer.


We will carry you in ultra-modern and famously cultivated Mercedes E-Class limousines – You will reach your destination very fast, comfortable and inexpensive.

All cars are provided with air condition as well as navigation systems. – Due to our customer’s enjoyment all cars are free from promotions.

We offer the following services

Airportservice – We’ll land you to your flight!!!

We will carry you from the area Cologne/Düsseldorf to the airports Cologne/Bonn, Duesseldorf, Moenchengladbach und Frankfurt, betimes and promptly!

By request you will be transferred to other airports of your choice!

Taxicourier und -carrierservice

Your sending will be picked up by You and delivered directly to the destination, fast and inexpensive!

* Delivery of documents ( by appointed time too )

* Luggage-/Baggageservice

* Express transportation of capital goods

* All kinds of goods transport

Medical- & Curetransfer

Do you have a date with your doctor or in hospital? Or you got decreeded a regimen/rehabilitation and you don’t know how to get there? This should do no harm – we will spend you a fast and comfortable transfer. And if you need so, we will pick you up afterwards, as a matter of course.